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from wharf to sustainable lifestyle

Carsten Thor founded THORS-DESIGN in 2002. He had bought a few pillars of Azobé wood from Korsør wharf and cut them in to wooden tiles and athe result was a wooden  terrasse. He loved the wood, and decided to buy the remaining 1500 cubic meters, which turned out to be a bold move. It soon became apparent, that the wood had exceptional strength and and meant that ingenious methods were required to control it.  In the following years, many different applications and products was tried and tested.

In the end of 2003, the frame for the first THORS Omega outdoor dinning set was made, which was quite a challenge due to the  with the narrow proportions. In 2005 the first plank table was made, and this is now one of THORS-DESIGNS primary products.

Through the years, THORS-DESIGN has bought and reclaimed a further four decommissioned Danish wharves: Kalundborg, Gedser, Rødby, and Knudshoved. Today, Carsten primary works with designing and developing the products. and the whole team behind THORS-DESIGN, work together and with indivivual customers to find the perfect solution every time.

In 2008 THORS-DESIGN moved in to an old dairy in Timring, Denmark. approx 20km from Herning, in the middle of Jutland. The old buildings from 1891, gives the rustic impression that suits the furniture exceptionally well. All the elements used in the production of the furniture are from local reliable suppliers, in a 10 kl radius of the company's base. 

In 2013 the old dairy that was used as workshop, became too small, and so THORS-DESIGN purchased an old sewing factory with700m² of free space, just 200m down the road.

The idea behind Thors-Design

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The Idea behind thors-design

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The environment

Thors-Design considers the enviroment in the selection of partners.

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Azobé wood

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