Azobé wood


All THORS-DESIGN furniture is manufactured using upcycled, reclaimed Azobé wood from 
decommissioned Danish wharves.

This sustainable timber has been verified and certified to contain only its own natural oils.

Azobé is an African hardwood species. Its tree trunks can grow to a diameter of almost 2 meters.

Azobé is extremely dense, which renders it practically impermeable and very heavy. A cubic meter of Azobé wood weighs a bit more than 1 ton.

All timber used for THORS-DESIGN furniture is more than a century old, of which 60 years have been spent 
partially submersed in the Danish sea.

Each piece of furniture will dry further during aging by around 8-13%.

The colour of the timber and its structure will change, and its grooves and crevices will become more over time.

Each piece of THORS-DESIGN furniture is a unique, living and soulful work of art which carries nature's own
positive energy into private and work spaces.