The environment

Thors-Design considers the enviroment in the selection of partners.

Herning Varmforzinkning,  who we work with for those products that are galvanised, are certified to the international standard DS / EN ISO 14001. This means that Herning Varmforzinkning work after a well documented environmental control system that controls all activities. This applies to both purchases and use of raw materials, waste disposal, transport and production. It is part of Herning Varmforzinkning's policy to constantly improve efforts to improve the enviroment, optimize and modernize production facilities and reduce energy comsumption.

Enviromental benefits
Maintenance free surface in zinc is not only beneficial for you, but  in the long term also beneficial to the enviroment, since the structures last longer and do not require repeated surface treatment. Also when the products are no longer useable, this type of surface treatment is enviromentally friendly, since zinc can easily be reused at very low enviromental costs.

In list form can be said simply:

  • Long  life time / life often up to 50 years.
  • No or only minimal maintenance throughout their useful life.
  • After end of useful life, the entire product is reused - no wastage of raw material.
  • By recycling steel is used only 25% of the energy, used for the production of new steel.
  • Processes for the recycling of steel produces only CO2 from energy comsumption.
  • Processes for the recycling of zinc produces only CO2 from energy consumption.
  • Energy requirements for the recycling of zinc is only 5% of the energy requirements for new zinc.
  • Recycling does not entail the release of dangerous fumes from paints.
  • Waste from the hot dipped galvanising process are reused.
  • Hot dip galvanising is performed in closed systems, where processes and enviromental impacts are managed and controlled.

Hot dip galvanizing is an enviromentally friendly process with minimal CO2 impact.