All THORS outdoor kitchens are customised to suit individual needs. They are made from recycled, reclaimed Azobé wood from decomissioned Danish wharves and galvanised steel. They can be used outdoors all year round, and are easy to maintain. Our outdoor kitchens  are delivered assembled and ready for connection.


Today it is popular to stand out from the crowd, when it comes to unique furniture in your home, instead of prefabricated furniture, that everone has. This is a requirement that for many is increasingly difficult to match. A popular way to stand out from the crowd is to differentiate on design.  At THORS-DESIGN we are very focused on manufacturing  unique and exclusive furniture of a very high quality that is sustainable and built to last and enjoy . That the furniture tells a story, is also important for us. By using recycled, reclaimed Azobé wood from decommissioned Danish wharves, we bring history and soul into our furniture. This is something that cannot be achieved in  mass production.

The manufacturing of a THORS-DESIGN barbecue is therefore most often a project that we work together with our customers.  Our customers should be left with a unique product there is intirely theres. By having a open dialogue in the manufacturing process, we ensure that all parts ends with a smile on there lips. We see a great value in manufacturing unique furnitures, that makes our customers extra happy - happy to be one step closer to there dreams of a perfect home.

Of course history and soul is´nt entirely enough. A barbecue should also be able to withstand a bit of everything. The combonation of steel and rustic wood items means, that our barbeques have no problems, to withstand the hard weather.

BarbeCue your WAY To good memories

Theres a special coziness to barbequeing. It´s a social cooking culture, that comes from USA. Summer, lovely weather and coziness for many means time to barbeque. If you have a big or small barbeque dosn´t mean anything. Together we find the perfect solution that matches your needs. 

At THORS-DESIGN we strive to  create the perfect  solution to match our customers individual needs. Take a look at our products and contact us, so we can have a chat of which solutions we can offer you.