Fire and ice

THORS-DESIGN has a selection of fireplaces, cooltops and biohottops. Making food outdors, on open fire gives the food a taste of, sunshine, summer and coziness. 

Our types of fireplaces

THORS Fireplace

Our largest fireplace, thats made of untraeted steel. The fireplace is ideal for larger gardens or public spaces, where you can sit many around it. It´s easy to install, because it should just stand on the ground, as it is.

THORS Ashbowl

This fireplace is also made of steel, but has a wooden plinth. The fireplace meassures 70cm and is most often used outside public buildings. This also can be used as a freplace, but there should always be sand in the buttom of it to protect the wooden plinth. 


THORS plate is a fireplace that architecturally is totally unique. We choose to call this model the plate, because it in many ways looks like a big steel plate. It fits perfect in the nature. We set it up with bricks in the bottum, so it stands firm, but it looks like its hovoring.

THORS hottop & cooltop

THORS Biohottop

The THORS Biohottop is not a fireplace, but a beautifull hottop, designet in steel. The hottop runs on bioethanol and spreads coziness and warmth on a cold summer night.

THORS Cooltop

THORS Cooltop is formed like a fireplace, but really is the intire opposite. THORS Cooltop has the same design as THORS Fireplace and is perfect for cooling beverages or food. It comes with a wooden plinth and a tap installed, for the defrossen ice. Suits perfectly for bars and restaurants. The cooltop is also awailable in stainless steel for food like fish and shellfish.