Outdoor Dining sets

Outdoor dinning sets

At THORS-DESIGN we have a large selection of customised tables and benches. If you are looking for a unique funiture to suit in your garden / outdoor area, that  requires little maintenance, and becomes more beautiful with time, then our outdoor dinning sets suit perfectly.


At THORS-DESIGN no 2 pieces of furniture are the same, because our planks are not prefabricated, but are cut from the timber from deccomissioned Danish wharves. We create unique solutions, that fit iperfectly in to  your garden or balcony. In all our products we try focus on a solution that harmonises what is practical and modern, but which also embraces nature, and all the natural features of the reclaimed wood.  


Beside the modern and natural expression in our design, it is important for us to create sustainable furniture, that not only celebrates the natural character of the wood, but also is made with consideration for the environment. Our products are not treated with chemicals. The wood only contains natural oils, which both makes them sustainable and good for the environment. We also consider the effects on the environment in every stage of our production.

All outdoor dinning sets er made from recycled  Azobé wood from deccomissioned Danish wharves. The Azobé wood is also known as Bongossi or iron wood. Azobé wood can be used for outdoor use all year round and is almost maintenance free. It is ideal in any climate, and perfect for solid outdoor furniture, that can be used and admired year after year.