THORS-DESIGN make unique tables from reclaimed antique wood for private, and commercial customers. All our tables are manufactured by order and are hand made. We use reclaimed wood from the Azobé tree in our manufacturing process. We strongly believe in the concept of upcycling and use only reclaimed wood in our design and production. A significant part of our products can be tracked back to bulwark from Knudshoved port. Naturally, we have had the wood tested for any contaminants and  it has been verified to contain only natural oils. 


We always try process the wood as little as possible. Our minimalistic approacj  produces tables with a unique design and feel that you cannot find anywhere else. Every piece of wood has its own story and expresses it through its naturally developed appearance. With the help of great pieces of wood and our mindset to upcycle we produce furniture that comes to life through our design choices. The historical traces are respected in our production and design process and are turned in to design features so that every single piece of furniture is unique.

We always try to accommodate our customers requests and thoughts on design and appearance. We encourage collaboration, allowing you to influence the type of planks we use in our furniture, with the end goal of creating unique tables. We take great pride in our work and of the production of quality products. A project is not finished before both parties are happy. 


We produce a variety of tables - From glass tables, dining tables, café tables to sofa and lounge tables. 

We made our first table back in 2005 and our product line has grown and grown since then. However, we welcome you to share any ideas that you might have -  If you have an idea for a table design that you cannot find on our website, then we encourage you to make contact. We are always looking to improve and develop, with the customer in focus.