Coffee & Lounge Tables

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thors coffee & lounge tables

Alle THORS-DESIGN's coffee and lounge tables can be made to suit individual needs. They add warmth and soul to all types of interiors.


THORS Lounge tables

THORS lounge table can be made with 2 wooden legs, 4 big wheels or mix legs - wooden legs and wheels. The table is most often made with a height of 32cm.



THORS coffee tables can be made with different types of legs. Depending on the dimensions of the table, you can choose between a pillar leg or 2 wooden legs. The table is most often made in a width of 60 cm with 2 planks and 75 or 90cm with 3 planks. We most often make this table in a legth of 130cm, but other lengths are possilbe, as we make everyting to order.

Coffee and Lounge tables can be made in 2 different surfaces: Sanded or rustic.

THORS Rustic Block is avaiable as a simple block with 4 small wheels, it is an original block from the Danish harbour of Knudshoved.


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