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high tables/console tables

THORS Sif high table is made with 2 different surfaces:


  • Sanded
  • Rustic

THORS Sif high table is made with 2 Unika wooden legs. This table is made based on individual wishes with a maximun length of 3,60 meters. We most often work with a hight of 1,05 meters and a width of 0,60 meter.

The wood is upcycled, reclaimed Azobé wood from decommissioned Danish wharves. The result is bespoke, hand-made furniture with a natural Nordic feel that retains the integrity, history and natural character of the wood. The wood’s original raw look is a result of its exposure to the natural elements for more than half a century. No two pieces of wood are identical. Each piece of furniture is unique, full of character and soul.


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