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Work Club Global

In collaboration with Ollo Group, we have delivered furniture to Work Club Global in Melbourne and Bangaroo in Sydney Australia. Work Club Global offers exclusive work spaces globally, and gives their members the opportunity to work like locals wherever they are. They have chosen the following products; Epi, Gaia, Slinger lounge sets, coffeetable, Cubes, bar- and consoletables.

The owner of Work Club Global makes a statement

Søren Trampedach explains why he chose Thors Design:
“Work Club Global chose Thors-Design as we like to support craftsmen from Europe and in particular Denmark, where I’m originally from. Sustainability for us is buying quality that does not need to be replaced, quality that lasts and is timeless. Thors Design offers all of that and therefore, they are a partner we will continue to support and work with as we expand our clubs across Australia and beyond. Their products are unique, substantial and beautiful and bring a certain energy to any space due to their natural and rugged look and feel. Perfect for Work Club Global”


And here, he further explains how Thors Design excels within the brand of Danish design: “We love the history of the timber and its former use and the way it is being used by Thors-Design to create beautifully crafted pieces that allow the history of the timber still to shine through”, Søren Trampedach, owner of Work Club Global.