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Fire & Ice

Moments spent by an open fire and always cosy and memorable. A fire pit can create a special kind of atmosphere all year round. All our fire pits and fire plates are made from robust untreated steel, that rusts slowly, blending well with the nature around it.

Fire & Ice

Thors Design has a great selection of fireplaces, cool tops and bio hottops.

Thors FirePit
Our made of untreated steel. The fireplace is ideal for larger gardens or public spaces, where you can sit many around it. It´s easy to install, because it should just stand on the ground, as it is.

Thors Ash Bowl
This fireplace is also made of steel, but has a wooden plinth. The fireplace measures 70cm and is most often used outside public buildings as a more decorative place to gather cigarette stubs. This also can be used as a fireplace, but there should always be sand in the bottom of it to protect the wooden plinth.

Thors Plate
Thors plate is a fireplace that architecturally is totally unique. We choose to call this model the plate, because it in many ways looks like a big steel plate. The plate can be placed directly on to a suitable surface.

Thors Hot top & Cool Top

Thors Bio Hot Top
The Thors Bio Hot Top is not a fireplace, but a beautiful hot top, designed in steel. The Hot Top runs on bioethanol and spreads cosiness and warmth on a cool summer night, and even welcomes guests on a winter’s evening.

Thors Cool Top
Thors Cool Top bowl is formed like a fireplace, but really is the entire opposite. Thors Cool Top has the same design as a Thors Ash bowl and is perfect for cooling beverages or food. It comes with a wooden plinth and a tap is installed, so that is it is easy to remove water when the ice has melted. A Cool Top is perfect for bars and restaurants, or even on a private terrace. The Cool Top is also available in stainless steel for use chilling food like smoothies, fish and shellfish.

ThorsFire Pit

Thors Fire Pit at a fire place

Thors  Fire pit is made from untreated steel. They are strong and robust and ideal for private gardens and public places. They are easy to install, and can be enjoyed for many years. There a number of different sizes and designs available.

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Thors Ash Bowl

Thors Ash Bowl on a wood base

Thors Ash Bowl is made from untreated steel and secured to a wooden plinth. It is often used outside public buildings for cigarette butts. It can also be used as a raised fire pit.

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Thors Fire Plate

Thors Plate is a unique fire pit, with a form and aesthetic that is pleasing on the eye. Made from untreated steel, this piece blends in well with nature, and will last outside for many years.

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Send An Enquiry

Thors Design create exclusive Danish design from reclaimed antique wood. If you are interested in one of our pieces or have a particular question, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to work together with you to find the perfect solution. 

Thors Cool Top

Cool top to keep your food and drinks cold by Thors Design

Thors Cool Top has a design that is very similar to Thors Ash bowl, but its function is quite the opposite. Ideal for restaurants and even on a private terrace, this design is great for cooling drinks on a warm day, and certainly sets the scene for any party.

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