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In addition to the large product range of furniture, we have a number og smaller items that have been developed through our sustainable approach. These are items like tea light holders, tapas boards, and oil lamps. These smaller products are often made from the wood remaining from our larger designs, and ensure that we use as much of this precious resource as possible.



Oil Lamps

Oil lamps in three different sizes - made of recycled harbour wood

Thors Oil Lamps are perfect for creating a little authentic Danish “Hygge”. The robust reclaimed wood means that they can be left outdoors all year round. They can be purchased separately or as a set and are available in 4 different sizes:  10cm, 14cm, 19cm and 24cm.

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Tea Light Holders

Tea light holders made of recycled wood - every piece is unique

Thors Tealight holders are available in different designs and sizes. They are quite simply a little piece of Danish history, and can in some cases have small design details from the time in the old harbour.

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Tapas Boards

Tapas board to serve delicious tapas on - made of upcycled wood

Tapas boards from Thors Design, are available in sanded and rustic finishes. Every single one is unique in size and detail. They are ideal to serve cold meats, pestos and cheese, adding some authentic Danish “hygge” to any table.

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Shelve made of recycled wood - we customize them for your needs

Shelves from Thors Design are made to measure. They are as standard 10-14cm in depth and around 3-5cm in material thickness.

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