Thors-design - A unique interaction between danish design and recyclet wood

THORS-DESIGN designs and handmade sustainable furnitures and interior decoration, of upcyclet, maritime patina bulwark, from decommissioned Danish wharves. Our Danish design is unique, our recyclet wood is unique and your individual needs are unique. Thats why we customize our furnitures so they fit perfectly into your home, your buisness, your restaurant or the public sector you repressents.


Made in Denmark - with great care for the people and invironment 

THORS-DESIGN is involved throughout the entire design and production phase. We are there when the hundred years old wood is pulled out of the water. We select the tree, develope, designs and produce all of our furnitures in Denmark. Our Design is sustainable and COWI has verified, that the wood only contains its natural oils.

The production of our furniture, makes a great difference socially, since the tree is driven directly from port to sawmill, which is staffed by men, who in one way or the other have difficulties in life. At the sawmill, they experince or relive the feeling of being able to hold down a job and make a difference for themselves and others.

THORS-DESIGN's furnitures stands for generations -  no matter if they stand outside or insiden. They only gets more beautiful over time, as they are beeing used. The WOW effect enters at the moment you decorate your home, or office with a THORS-DESIGN furniture. Our furnitures becomes the heart in your decoration. They gather famylies and friends over dinner, and naturally sets the atmosphere for a cozy meeting.

At THORS-DESIGN we believe that design in many ways and levels can make a difference. We promise to produce and design our furnitures with great care for both the people involved in the process as well as the invironment. And we promise to deliver a unique and original design furniture that carries soul, personality, warmth and a unique history.


About THORS-DESIGN and our raw materials

For decades the bulwark has been placed stabil a little abowe and a little belowe the waer surface in the Danish wharves. The exeptionelt strong african Azobé wood has taken the beating from the ferries, and survived the ice cold salt water. It has been hardened and patinated with time and no 2 pieces of wood are the same.

The small Wharves time is over, and you should think that the same was the bulwark. But when Carsten Thor, founder og THORS-DESIGN, bacn in 2002 by a coinsidence got some of the bulwark from Korsørs wharf, the future of the wood took a completely new turn. As the first in Denmark, he began to experiment with the opportunities of the wood, and develope the furniture, THORS-DESIGN today is world known of.


Old wood - new unique design

We know every crack and every knot in the wood. And it is with great respect for the unique raw materials and with focus on our customers, that we give new life to the wood and to Danish design. New life, that's in focus in our customers famylielife and buisness life. No 2 planks are the same and no2 furnitures or interior decorations are the same. we have since the beginning, take great honor and pleasure in finding our different customers needs. Thats the reason our product sortiment expands and developes constantly.

Times is changing and bulwark becomes furnitures. But the joy in beautiful, rustic and sustainable design, that stands for generations, is still the same. 

A THORS-DESIGN furniture in many ways is for life.