Made in Denmark

We work exclusively with wood from decommissioned harbours. The wood is called azobé and originates from West Africa. Learn more about azobé wood here.

Azobé wood

You should expect that the surface of the azobé wood will change colour when exposed to the elements. See examples of this here.


We work with two types of surfaces: sanded and rustic. The surface that we call rustic is made from planks that have been the outer layer of the large pillars of harbour wood. The surface finish that we call sanded refers to planks that have been cut from inside the large pillars and can be likened to new wood. Therefore, rustic planks can contain more historic details than sanded.

The rustic surface can be chosen when buying one of our plank tables. Learn more about the different types of surface finishes here.


Azobé wood is extremely robust and requires very little maintenance. Download our guides to cleaning and maintaining your furniture here. 


We create tailor-made furniture from unique reclaimed wood. Because of this, no two pieces are the same. Find out more here.

A unique piece

Are you unsure about the size of the table you need? Get some help here.

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