Furniture with a story to tell

Unique furniture in sustainable materials


Create unique and soulful spaces with furniture made from reclaimed harbour wood. Every piece is made with the utmost respect for the wood’s history, and we do all we can to ensure that the authentic details remain in the wood.

The solid azobé wood is robust, heavy and durable, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. This is due to the wood’s density and it being rich in natural oils. Your furniture does not need regular surface treatment and can last for generations. It gets more beautiful with time and use.

Every piece of furniture is made to order, suited to your individual needs and requirements.

We have in-house designers that can help you design and furnish exclusive spaces in your company with our sustainable solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Get inspired by previous customer cases

Kenneth Hansen

Torvehallerne in Vejle

Stand out from your competitors and create a warm soulful atmosphere with our rustic furniture in reclaimed wood. Find inspiration here. 

Kenneth Hansen

Fiskehuset Hornbæk

Fiskehuset Hornbæk complete the harbour’s maritime atmosphere with our weathered furniture in upcycled harbour wood. Find inspiration for your own project here.


Kenneth Hansen

Dragsholm Castle

At Dragsholm castle, authenticity, quality and rest are in focus. Our furniture helps to complete the unique atmosphere in the castle’s outdoor area. See more and be inspired here.

Furniture with a story to tell


Our furniture is unique, just like the raw material that we use, Every inch of our wood has its own unique patina, that silently tells of the time it has spent in the harsh harbour environment.

When you design your plank table, you have to decide the dimensions of the table along with the type of surface you would like. Planks with a sanded surface are cut from inside the pillars from the harbour and resemble new wood, whereas planks with a rustic surface are the outer edges of the harbour pillars, that have been exposed to the elements, and a bashing from the docking ferries. These planks will therefore contain a lot of rustic detail. Regardless of the surface that you choose, the legs will always have rustic details.

And no matter which table you choose, the robust wood and its clear history will attract attention, creating a very special atmosphere around it.


Are you looking for inspiration? Download our Lookbook, and find inspiration for how you can create unique indoor and outdoor environments with our rustic furniture made from reclaimed azobé wood.

OMEGA dining set

Furniture with a story to tell

Hand made
locally in Denmark

SLINGER lounge sofa, RIGA lounge table