Furniture with soul

Unique furniture made from reclaimed harbour wood

Create atmosphere and add a personal touch to your interior using furniture made from upcycled harbour wood. The robust solid azobé wood invites nature in to your interior, creating a beautiful and soulful contrast to the current trend of high gloss interior culture.

The unique patina of the wood gives our furniture character and makes them a natural statement piece in your home. The simple designs that we work with ensure that our pieces fit in with  many of the current hot trends for interiors, from the minimalistic and nature centered New Nordic  to the industrial and masculine style of Urban Living and the French inspired Vintage look.

We work exclusively with the West african wood, azobé, which is one of the strongest and most robust types of wood in the world, It is more than 4 times stronger than oak. This ensures that your furniture is easy to maintain and has a long life expectancy. Infact, your furniture will quite simply become more and more beautiful as the natural patina forms with use over time.

Get inspired by others

Kenneth Hansen

Unique home in north Jutland

In this fantastic home, our furniture ties the outdoor and indoor space together, whilst bringing a natural and soulful feel to the space. Take a closer look here. 


Kenneth Hansen

Garden project in Roskilde

Be inspired by this family’s beautiful space and clever use of materials. In the orangery, you will find our Gaia table, whilst our Slinger lounge set ensures a cosy area on the terrace.

Kenneth Hansen

Roof terrace in Horsens

A great solution for this roof terrace, ensuring a satisfying aesthetic along with minimum maintenance requirements. In this project, you will find several of our designs, including our Slinger lounge set with specially designed waterproof cushions.

A unique piece handmade for you

All our furniture is handmade to order. Please note, that the furniture that you see on our home page and in our catalogues are just examples of what we can do. Every piece is completely unique, with its own special patina and historic details that have been formed in the time that the wood has spent in the harsh harbour environment. Every inch of our wood is unique.

You define the amount of rustic and historic detail present in the furniture.  Learn more about the possibilities for surface finishes below.


Are you looking for inspiration? Check out our Lookbook and find inspiration for how you can include our rustic furniture in your home.

Røskva sofabord

Handmade with
passion in Denmark