Durable furniture
made from sustainable materials

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Choose a sustainable solution for furnishing the public outdoor and indoor areas with furniture in upcycled wood from decommissioned Danish harbours. 

Our furniture is made from the heart wood of one of the hardest wood species in the world and therefore regarded as strong, heavy, long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free. Due to the strength and natural qualities of the wood, the furniture requires very little maintenance, regardless of whether they are used indoors or outdoors and have an expected life expectancy of 50-100 years.

Get inspired by previous customer cases

Kenneth Hansen

School on Islands Brygge, Copenhagen

Home economics under the sky. Outdoor furniture that ecourages to social activities. Be inspired by the school on Islands brygge and its fantastic outdoor space.

Kenneth Hansen

Youth area, Brædstrup

Heavy, robust outdoor furniture that eliminates the worry of vandalism.

Kenneth Hansen

Øster Farimagsgade School, Copenhagen

Recreative and inclusive outdoor spaces. Possibility for moving classes outside.  Be inspired by the school’s roof terrace in the middle of the town.

Bespoke furniture and handicap friendly solutions


We aim to fulfil your dreams and wishes. That is why we make all our furniture to order and adapt it to your individual requirements.

We are experts in handling the strong azobé wood and we know the wood well, along with its possibilities and restrictions. Our product range should be regarded as a guide to what can be done, and as a source of inspiration. We can and do cooperate with our customers and business partners. We love to make specially designed products that are specific to your needs. Call us on+45 97133995 and we would be delighted to create the ultimate solution for you, doing all we can to match your needs with the possibilities that the wood can offer.

We can also help with handicap-friendly solutions. We have supplied to the public sector for many years and have already developed numerous handicap-friendly solutions by adapting our existing product range to suit, such as our Omega dining set, which can be made with an extra-long table top to accommodate wheel chair users.


Are you looking for more inspiration?

Check out our Contemporary Collection Brochure.


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Sustainable Furniture

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Omega outdoor dining set