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Rustic plank tables

…Conference tables, lounge sets, benches, outdoor kitchens and much more. We offer a wide selection of rustic furniture in solid, reclaimed azobé wood. Check out our most popular products.

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Thors design specialise in upcycling harbour wood, creating rustic furniture and interiors with the utmost respect for the wood’s unique history. Every piece has its own special patina, quirky details and perfect ”imperfections”. The marks, bolts, holes and other rustic details that you see in the wood are a testament to its authenticity, created by exposure to the harsh elements in the harbour over time.

Furniture that suits your needs

We create furniture that is meant to be used and loved, preferably for a lifetime. To ensure this, we only use quality materials, and we make pieces to order, according to each customer’s unique wishes and needs. We have 20 years of experience with making furniture for private, corporate and public sector customers.

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It is a great idea to experience our furniture in real life. Experience the robust planks and the strong azobé wood. Feel the wood’s alluring tactile effect and run your fingers over the sanded planks. Experience the rough and the smooth. The furniture adds soul and atmosphere to any space.

If you are looking for a table, then you will also need to decide what kind of surface you would prefer. Do you like rustic details like cracks, crevices and holes or would you prefer a smoother surface without historic details?
We will look forward to meeting you.


Møltrupvej 29, Timring
7480 Vildbjerg

The Old Dairy

Århusgade 131
2150 Nordhavn



Our mission is to upcycle obsolete quality materials into unique tailor-made furniture that brings warmth and soul to your space. We produce our furniture locally in Denmark. We minimise waste from production by only making furniture to order, re-using any excess material, repairing products and offering to modify furniture if your needs should change in time.

We believe in investing in people. All our wood is sawn at Møltrup Farm, a home for men that need help finding their way back to a dignified life.





Test of Teknologisk Institut




FSC Recycled 100% certified



Furniture with a story to tell

Your furniture will be unique. Some parts are formed by us, others by the natural elements during the time the wood has spent in the harbour. We always treat the wood with the utmost respect for its history, and have become specialists in processing the hard harbour wood.

Learn more about azobé wood, surface finishes, patina, brackets and customised solutions etc. before you buy a piece of our furniture, so we can be sure that we find the right solution for you.


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