1-2-3 Get ready for summer! Fill your outdoor space with maintenance free garden furniture made from reclaimed wood!

Mette Bech

Create some amazing outdoor spaces using furniture made from reclaimed azobé wood and avoid the hard work normally associated with wooden garden furniture. Our furniture is very low maintenance and can be left outside all year round. Take a look at this selection of our designs that will make your outdoor space a lovely low maintenance oasis that can simply be enjoyed.

Wooden garden furniture creates a unique atmosphere

Wooden garden furniture is very popular and can be found in many homes. And there is a good reason for this. Wooden furniture invites nature in to your space, connecting it with your garden quite naturally, and creating a lovely natural atmosphere.  It becomes a perfect space to spend the long summer evenings with great friends and family.

Despite this, many choose to buy plastic furniture, due to the promise of easy maintenance and a long life expectancy compared to a lot of the more traditional wooden furniture on the market. But when choosing wooden furniture made from the right kind of wood, these pieces can far exceed the qualities of plastic, as regards both maintenance and life expectancy.

Azobé wood is one of the strongest kinds of wood in the world, full of natural oils

Azobé wood is on of the strongest woods in the world, enriched with a high concentration of natural oils. This makes Azobé wood one of the most robust woods in the world and therefore perfect for use in outdoor spaces. The high content of oil and extreme strength of the wood makes it virtually impermeable and resistant to fungus and rot.

Due to these qualities, our garden furniture does not need to be treated with oil or paint and can be left outside all year round. Our furniture is ideal for use any time of the year, even on a sunny winter’s day. And you don’t need to worry about it when it has rained for two solid months in the autumn. The furniture is ready to be used as soon as the summer arrives, meaning that you can spend time simply enjoying the weather or doing other things, rather than getting it treated and ready for use.

We have done our best to give you an idea of how you can create some great fantastic spaces using furniture made from reclaimed azobé wood.

The lounge area

If you have a large patio or outdoor space, then a lounge area is a must. It’s the perfect place to relax with a good book on a Sunday morning when the children are playing in the garden and also ideal for a drink with good friends whilst hubby is in charge of the barbecue. Our Slinger lounge sofa is a great design to create this kind of space, along with one of our lounge tables. Position 2 Slingers in the same length opposite each other to create an intimate social area, or alternatively use two slinger sofas in different lengths (e.g. 1,5 and 2 m) perpendicular to each other  to create an aesthetically pleasing lounge area.


The lounge area

// Left: Slinger lounge sofa 1,5 m + 2 m + Riga lounge table
/ Right: Slinger lounge sofa 2 m with cushions + Fenja coffee table 


The garden table

A garden table is an essential part of any outdoor space and naturally becomes the place where the family meets and enjoys each other’s company and good food. Your garden table will be used many times throughout the summer, and is the place where family memories are made. With this in mind, it needs to be extra special and unique.

Our Gaia table is made from thick planks of reclaimed azobé wood sourced in decommissioned Danish harbours. The tables exude raw nature and the history of the wood is evident on the robust planks.  Gaia tables are always made to order, in dimensions to suit the space they are intended for. You can even determine the amount of rustic details in the planks.

Our more rustic tables can present with cracks, crevices and even holes remaining from the bolts in the harbour construction. Our less rustic tables have a much smoother surface and resemble new wood. Regardless of what surface you choose, though, there will always be some rustic details in the table legs.

If you would like a more intimate place to entertain and enjoy company, a round table is a great choice for an outdoor space.

The garden table

/// Left: Gaia plank table with Forest chairs
// Middle: Globe plank table
/ Right: Close-up of Gaia plank table 

The outdoor kitchen

If you love the outdoors and want to make the most of every bit of the summer weather, then an outdoor kitchen is a must! We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so why not move it outdoors, so that this time can be spent enjoying sun, fresh air and birdsong.

Choose a kitchen with a sink and you have the perfect place to wash your home grown veg from your kitchen garden and room to prepare them for your meal.

We have two different outdoor kitchen designs, both are long-lasting and require minimum maintenance – Our Savra kitchen is made from galvanised steel and Nor is made from our reclaimed azobé wood. Both designs can be made in dimensions to suit and if you have your eye on an integral grill or side burner, then we can adapt the outdoor kitchen to suit.

If you choose an outdoor kitchen with a sink, then the only winter preparation necessary is to disconnet the water before the frosty weather starts. Then all you need to do in the spring, is re-connect it and the kitchen is once again ready for use!

The outdoor kitchen

/// Left: Savra outdoor kitchen + Savra outdoor kitchen wiht sink
// Middle: Nor outdoor kitchen 
/ Right: Savra outdoor kitchen with sink + Savra outdoor kitchen with inserted kettle grill

A Collaboration With Møltrup Farm
Mette Bech

A Collaboration With Møltrup Farm

All bulwarks that become Thors Design furniture are sawn into planks at Møltrup Saw Mill. A collaboration that both makes a difference for men on the fringes of society and enables Thors Design to place its entire production in Denmark.

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