Invite nature in to your workplace

Mette Bech

Contact with nature is like medicine for the soul. It increases productivity, creativity and generally makes us feel better.

There are a number of different theories about how nature can have a positive effect on our well-being. A general conclusion from all of these is that we need to use more energy when operating in constructed environments than we do when operating in more natural ones.

Nature stimulates a more primitive part of our brain. This means that it ensures that the mores stressed part of our brain gets a well-earned break, and the chance to recover and rejuvenate.

It isn’t always possible to get out in to nature, but luckily, documented research has proven that when we invite nature indoors, it has a positive effect og our well-being and stress levels.

Green plants, natural materials and organic forms all aid to de-stress our brains whether we experience them indoors or out.

For these reasons, inviting nature in to your meeting rooms, offices and canteens can only have a positive effect.

Here are a few ideas to help you to do it:

Plank tables

Rustic plank tables are a great asset when attempting to break the clean design lines and high gloss interiors that are popular in most modern corporate buldings. The rustic and unpolished expression they bring encourages a peaceful mind. It means that it helps the brain relax so that it can more easily focus its energy on the more important issue: getting work done.

The more natural feel that the surfaces and lines of the interior offer, the more relaxing atmosphere you create. and the more the mind can concentrate. For this reason, we highly recommend that you choose a plank table with a natural surface, as a lacquered surface will disturb the woods natural look and warmth. If the interior space allows, choose a round plank table, preferably with a natural rustic finish including holes, cracks and crevices etc.

These plank tables are well known for their ability to create a unique atmosphere in any space. This is what you experience when you are somewhere that allows your mind and eyes to relax.

The solid nature of the table, with its robust uneven surface also aids the acoustics in the space, adding to the calm atmosphere and meaning that other acoustic correcting elements are no longer needed.

There are many options for having a unique plank table designed for the meeting room, office area or canteen space that you are working with. It is even possible to include an integrated cable well for USB and electric supply in to the center of the plank table.

Wall cladding

Wood is a fantastic natural material that has an extremely calming effect on the soul. A way to introduce it in to a room is by using it as wall cladding. The more rustic and unfinished the look, the more calming effect it will have.

In addition to this, wooden wall cladding also has an added bonus effect of improving the acoustics of the room. This effect can be intensified by adding acoustic panels before mounting the cladding.

Get a non-binding offer for a custom-made and rustic wall covering for your workplace.

Metal, stone and green plants

It is not only wood that has this strong, calming effect on the mind but also other natural materials. It is especially the combination of different natural materials that has the best effect on our well-being and stress levels. They are a strong stimulant for the primitive part og our brains.

It is therefore a great idea to include green plants in plant boxes, and even leave an internal wall raw and unplastered. Choose stone or wood floors and add metal in to the interior along with your plank furniture.



Contact us if you are interested in our designs, and let us help you invite nature in to your workplace and ensure the best conditions for you and your colleagues.

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