SAVRA outdoor kitchen with sink

Outdoor kitchen with a sturdy, high quality sink in a simple, timeless design. Savra can be left outside all year round, and are made from robust, maintenance-free materials.

Savra is made from a 5mm thick metal work top that is hot dipped galvanized. The legs are made from reclaimed azobé wood. The kitchen is equipped with a moveable grating measuring 70 x 100 cm under the table, which is ideal for storing pots and pans and the like.

Our outdoor kitchens are produced with a robust steel galvanised sink and as standard, they are equipped with a cold water tap with a c. spout in stainless steel. Both of these elements are designed by Thors Design. If you would like hot water in your outdoor kitchen, it is possible to add this. It is not yet possible to do this in our shop, so do get in touch with us if you would like to add this possibility.

The hot dipped galvanized worktop is one of the most robust material finishes there is. It requires very little maintenance. The galvanised finish is a robust surface that has a long life expectancy.

When you receive your new outdoor kitchen, the surface will be shiny and bright. Over time, when placed outside, this become more mat, with an almost camouflage like pattern that you will usually see om road signs and metal lamppost poles. Traces of use will appear on the surface from food and exposure to the elements. These will come and go and change over time. This is not a product fault. The table surface finish has been chosen especially because of the way it changes over time, we think this suits our reclaimed azobé wood very well. Changes i colour and some marks can be removed by using Oxalic acid, which can be purchased in most chemists.

Savra with a sink can be made with or without a back wall. The back wall can be equipped with different elements that you can buy, so that you can have fresh herbs and cooking ingredients and utensils close at hand, without them taking space on the table top.

Preparing for winter: Our Savra outdoor kitchen can easily be left outside all year round and doesn’t need to be covered during the winter. All you need to do, is disconnect the water before the frosty weather starts.

Savra is always made to order, in the dimensions that you request. If you cannot find the dimensions you are looking for amongst the standard products in our online shop, then do get in touch. We would be delighted to help you with a custom-made outdoor kitchen. 

We can also help with integrated elements such as barbecues and side burners etc. If you have found a specific grill or other element you would like in your outdoor kitchen, then we can almost always find a way to adapt the worktop to suit.

L: 120, 140, 160, 180, 200, 220, 240, 260, 280 cm or by request. Max 280 cm. 
W: 70 cm.
H: 80 cm as standard. 90 cm. with optional extra height.
Legs: 10 x 10 cm.
Weight: Approx. 100 kg. pr. meter. 
Materials: Reclaimed azobé wood | hot dipped galvanized steel

Legs are made with a sanded surface.

Production time is approx. 4 weeks.

Please contact us for a price and time for delivery.

The wood is certified FSC® Recycled 100% and verified to be free of chemicals. See our FSC® certificate and COWI verification below.

FSC Recycled 100%
Free From Chemicals (Cowi)