Solid and weatherproof garden furniture
made in reclaimed wood

Create a soulful atmosphere on your patio, terrace, balcony, orangery or in your garden with furniture made from reclaimed azobé wood. Azobé wood is one of the strongest types of wood in the world and is enriched with a high content of natural oils, which makes our furniture weather-proof, extremely durable and easy to maintain. Your outdoor furniture does not require any form of surface treatment and can be left outside all year round. Every piece is made to order in customer specific measurements, so you can create your ideal outdoor space.

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Outdoor kitchens, garden tables, garden chairs, lounge sets, fire pits, raised beds and plant boxes. We have everything you need to create
a fantastic outdoor space on your terrace, balcony, in your kitchen garden or orangery.

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More durable than teak

There is good reason that azobé heart wood has always been used for bulwark in harbour projects across the world.  Azobé wood is one of the strongest timbers in the world and is quite water resistant.  This makes it perfect for use in harbour projects and this also makes it ideal for garden furniture. In practice it means that your garden furniture does not need any treatment, as it is resistant to rot and fungi quite naturally.

For this reason, garden furniture made from Azobé wood is perfect for countries with a changeable climate, where it can easily withstand being outside all year round, with

  • No need to cover it
  • No need for time consuming maintenance every year

Azobé wood’s natural properties mean that it is more durable than teak, which is only a medium hard wood. This means that teak is more ideal for finer carpentry projects, whereas azobé wood’s properties make it more suitable for simpler and more robust designs.

But this doesn’t mean that we haven’t taken care with the details in our designs. All our planks are hand sanded, so that we can preserve as many of the wood’s natural and historic details as possible. Every plank is carefully selected by our talented carpenters, and we strive to find planks that are harmonious and fit well together to make beautiful pieces.

The robust planks give our furniture a rustic, masculine and timeless look, and introduce a large amount of natural materials to your outdoor space. This ensures a grounding effect, creating a fantastic atmosphere where precious moments can be enjoyed.




Our most popular pieces

Take a look at our most popular pieces for your garden, balcony, orangery or terrace.

Every piece is made to order, so that you can create a perfect outdoor space.

NOR outdoor kitchen

GAIA plank table

GLOBE plank table

SHIVA fire pit

Garden furniture made in your dimensions

All our furniture is made to order in the dimensions you require. This ensures that you can create the ideal outdoor space, be it a spacious patio or a more intimate balcony. If you can’t find the piece you are interested in, in the dimensions that you require on our shop, do get in touch! We would be delighted to make it for you in the size you are looking for.

 If you don’t have much space available, take a look at our café tables, or even a smaller lounge sofa along with a rustic lounge table. If you would like a more intimate set up, where your guests can easily talk and socialise, then it is a great idea to choose a round table.

 In order to help you choose the right size garden table, and to ensures that you have room for all your guests, we have developed a size guide. As a general rule, you should calculate 60 cm per person, or a minimum of 70 cm if your chairs have arm rests.

We can help you design your outdoor space, and help you to get the most out of it. We are good at designing natural Nordic spaces.

Care and maintenance of your garden furniture

It is really easy to take care of your garden furniture when it is made of azobé wood. Due to the wood’s natural oil content, it is extremely robust and virtually impermeable. It is therefore also naturally resistant to rot and fungi. This means that outdoor furniture that is made from azobé wood – one of the only woods with these qualities – does not need to be cared for with an oil treatment every year or regular painting but still has a long life expectancy. Many of our customers actually love this quality in our wood and are keen for it to take place. Sanded azobé wood has a warm honey coloured glow when newly cut, and changes after exposure to a silver grey colour.These changes are only cosmetic, and do not have any effect on the life expectancy of the furniture. Many of our customers like this about the wood, and look forward to the change taking place.

Azobé wood and especially the azobé heart wood that we use, is one of the strongest woods in the world. It is a wood that extremely hard to control and will change and move over time. This means that you should expect that the wood will change. Cracks will appear and the wood fibres can rise. These are only cosmetic changes and will not affect the life expectancy of the wood.

Any wood that is left outdoors can become covered in algae. This is especially the case if the wood doesn’t dry out regularly. Black marks can appear on the surface. These are not a problem for the wood, but is of course not desirable. To ensure that water doesn’t stay on the surface of the table we often recommend that you choose a sanded surface for your outdoor table.  Should you find that your table is covered in algae, then this is not a problem. The wood can easily be cleaned with an alkaline cleaning solution or and algae remover.