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Thors furniture is ideal for all kinds of corporate projects, such as meeting rooms, cantines,reception areas and even outdoor spaces. Our furniture gives a clear signal that upcycling, the environment, and sustainability are important factors for the company that choose to use them in their corporate areas.

Thors Mosaic

Thors Mosaic is the largest table in our range. Ideal as a conference table of communal dining table, Thors Mosaic is often a statment piece, not just because of the lengths that we can make them in, but also because of the amount of impressive historic detail it is possible to show.Thors Mosaic plank tables can be made in infinite lengths, the longest to date is 14m.

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Thors Gaia

Thors Gaia is our most popular plank table, made from the reclaimed harbour wood. This table is made to order, in lengths up to 4,5m and is ideal as a dining table or meeting table.

Vi make this table with planks that are either 25 or 30cm in width. Most tables are either 90cm or 100cm in width but they can also be made in widths of  1,2m or 1,5m. Gaia tables can be made with two different surface finishes; rustic or sanded.

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Thors Unika Glass Tables

These glass tables are absolutely unique. The legs are made from specially selected pieces of reclaimed wood that we source in the decommissioned Danish harbours and topped with 19mm thick hardened glass, so the two materials contrast each other beautifully. If you are looking for a table with a unique yet modern feel, then this design is ideal.

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Send an Enquiry

Thors Design create exclusive Danish design from reclaimed antique wood. If you are interested in one of our pieces or have a particular question, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to work together with you to find the perfect solution.

Thors Gamma bench

Thors Gamma bench is made from the original pillars that we collect in the Danish harbours. They are full of historic details and every one is unique. They can be made in lengths of 1,1 to 4,0m and have many different applications



Thors Counters and Bars

Thors Counter and Bars can be made in standard designs, or to your own specific requirements. The workd They are always made from reclaimed wood from the decommissioned Danish harbour in Knudshoved.


Thors Sif Bar table

Thors Sif Bar tables can be made with rustic or sanded surface and can be adapted to suit individual needs. They are ideal for an informal meeting or use in company canteens.

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