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About Thors Design

Old wood - New Design

We see every chink and knot in our wood, and it with the greatest respect for the integrity of the unique wood, and with our customers in focus, that we upcycle the wood giving it new life as Danish designer furniture. The wood is given new life and takes center stage in our family and business lives. No two planks are the same, and every piece of furniture is therefore unique. From the very beginning, we have been happy and proud to be able to find individual solutions to meet our customers needs and wishes and this has helped form the range of products that we are known for today and it is changing constantly.

Times change and the old harbor wood is turned in to new furniture, but the pleasure we find in delivering beautiful, strong and sustainable designs that last for generations is still the same.

In every way, a piece of furniture from Thors Design is for life….

Our raw material

For decades, the rustic harbor wood remained strong and stable in the salty waters of Danish harbors. The exceptionally robust African azobé wood has withstood the harsh battering from the many ships that docked and has been partially submerged in the cold sea. It is here that it has found its patina, and no two pieces are the same.

The small harbors have done their duty, and when that is said, you would imagine that there was no further use for the rustic wood. But when Carsten Thor, the owner and founder of Thors Design came across some of the wood by chance in 2002, the uncertain future of the wood was determined. He was the first in Denmark to experiment with and find new uses for this kind of wood and started making furniture, which formed the basis for the furniture he designs and produces today.

Do you have a question?

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Azobé wood

The wood we use, has spent over half a century partially submerged in the Danish sea.
The reclaimed wood has been validated by COWI as containing only its own natural oils and is FSC® certified. Ask for our FSC®-certified products here.

Azobé wood is an African hard wood species. It is extremely dense, and rich in natural oils
which render it practically impermeable, extremely heavy and robust.

The marks, bolts, holes and other details that you see in our furniture are simply a testament to the authenticity of the wood and handmade nature of the furniture.

Due to the wood’s impressive properties, furniture from Thors Design requires very little maintenance,
and has a life expectancy of between 50 and 100 years, even outside. 

Each piece will dry and shrink a further 8-13% during the acclimatising phase. The wood's colour and structue will change, and the cracks and grooves that are in the surface of the wood can become more pronounced and new can appear. 

Any piece from Thors Design is a unique, living piece of art with soul and personality. They bring nature's positivive energy in to any space.

Azobé Wood



Corporate Social Responsibility is ingrained in Thors Design’s ethos. We strive to do things in a way that shows that CSR is an important part of how we think and work.
It’s all about respect. Respect for people, the world’s resources, and the environment.

Our design is sustainable. The reclaimed wood has been validated by COWI as containing only its own natural oils and is FSC® certified.
Life span is a crucial factor for a product’s environmental impact. Our furniture can last for generations, both inside and out.

Our company culture is diverse and inclusive. We value and respect every individual’s unique contribution and recognise the need to continue to do so.

The production of our furniture has a positive social impact in our local community, as the saw mill that we use is manned by men that for one reason or another,
have run in to problems. Their work at the saw mill allows them once again experience a feeling of being part of a team and making a difference.

We have achieved a lot in the last 15 years, but it is just a beginning. Every day, we strive to live up to our own high standards and to be an ethically and socially responsible company.

Sustainable Danish design

The fundamental idea behind all the furniture from Thors Design,
is that of upcycling. Rustic Azobé wood, sourced from decommissioned
Danish wharves, is turned in to simple and stylish designer furniture.
The result is bespoke, hand-made, sustainable furniture with a Nordic feel that retains the integrity, history and natural character of the wood.

The wood’s original raw look is a result of its exposure to the natural elements for more than half a century. No two pieces of wood are identical.
Each piece of furniture is unique, full of character and soul.

The team behind Thors Design creates furniture with an understanding of
the way that Azobé wood works and moves, incorporating its natural grooves and crevices. The reclaimed wood has been validated as containing only its own natural oils and is FSC® certified. The furniture is virtually indestructible, with a life cycle lasting as long as the wood’s own history. All the furniture from Thors Design can be used indoors and outdoors all year round, in private homes, commercial properties, and urban spaces.

 From wharf to sustainable lifestyle
Thors Design represents Upcycling in its simplest form. Reclaimed harbour wood is transformed in to a piece of sustainable furniture. We give the old wood a new life, whilst adding value to the end result. Because of this, a piece of furniture from Thors Design sends a clear signal that Upcycling, the environment and sustainability are important factors when designing a unique indoor our outdoor area.

 The environment and certifications
Thors Design only use materials that are in-keeping with guidelines and aims outlined by the EU with regard to the environment, resources and energy. Every piece of furniture we make is certified FSC recycled 100%.

 Strengthen your brand
Thors Design add value to your brand in a unique way. Apart from the fact that our products are created from a sustainable perspective, each piece also represents a piece of Danish history. They are created from reclaimed material that was once an integral part of Denmark’s infrastructure.

 Made to last
We work exclusively with the extremely robust reclaimed Azobé wood. Despite being partially submerged in the Danish sea for over 60 years, the wood still has a life expectancy of between 50 and 100 years.

Our furniture requires very little maintenance. The wood does not need to be oiled or lacquered, which means that there is no need for use of chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.

Thors Design products are not just furniture, they are in fact a valuable and long lasting resource. Even in the future after years of use, they will still be able to be re-used to create products in the same high quality.

 Life cycle evaluation
Thors Design furniture has a life expectancy of between 50 and 100 years, even outside. There are virtually no costs for maintenance, as they only require soap and water when cleaning.

 Circular economy
It is possible to lease our furniture, where the furniture can be returned after use and recycled once again for further application.