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Thors furniture is made to last and can be left out all year round. Our furniture has a long life cycle, yet requires very little maintenance. Every piece is made from reclaimed Wood from decommissioned Danish harbours and the wood is verified by COWI to contain only its own natural oils and certified by FSC as recycled 100%. These unique robust pieces have a natural feel and naturally fit in in any garden or patio area.

Fire Pits

Fire Pits from Thors Design are made of thick untreated steel that is a minimum of 5mm in thickness. Our most popular sizes are 0,7m, 1,0m, 1,3m or 1,5m.  Thors Fire Pits can be rested on the metal ring that can either be 14 or 60cm in height.


Outdoor Tables

Thors furniture is perfect for outdoor use. The azobé Wood is extremely robust. Despite being partially submerged int the danish sea for over half a century, this wood has a life expectancy of between 50 and 100 years. Even outside.

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Thors Design have a wide range of unique benches suitable for all sectors. Each one is hand made to order from reclaimed wood that is FSC certified recycled 100%.They are made to last, and require minimal maintenance.


Send an Enquiry

Thors Design create exclusive Danish design from reclaimed antique wood. If you are interested in one of our pieces or have a particular question, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to work together with you to find the perfect solution.

Oil lamps

Thors Oil Lamps are great at creating a genuine cosy atmosphere in your garden. The robust wood can easily stand outside all year round. They are available in sizes  14, 19 og 24cm and can be bought individually or in sets.

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Rustic panels

Rustic Panels from Thors Design are rustic elements with a lot of authentic patina and historic details. They can be used bith indoor and out, where they immediately add a special kind of rustic charm.

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Outdoor Dining Sets

Thors Dining sets are unique pieces that are made to last. Every piece is unique, with soul and historic detail showing the wood's history. The reclaimed wood is sourced in decommissioned Danish harbours, and is extremely robust, requiring very little maintenance.

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