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Plank Tables

Thors Design create unique plank tables for private homes, businesses and public areas. All our tables are bespoke and handmade.

We work exclusively with reclaimed Azobé wood that can be traced back to the decommissioned Danish harbours. We are currently working with wood from Knudshoved Harbour, which has been decommissioned after the construction of the Great Belt bridge. Our wood has been verified by COWI to contain only its own natural oil, and is FSC certified 100% recycled.


The reclaimed azobé wood is robust and extremely heavy, and has been exposed to the elements and in contact from the many ferries docking in the harbours for over half a century. Through time, the wood has withstood a great deal in the harbours, giving it a very special story and soul. No two pieces of wood are the same.

We call our concept Upcycling. We feel that the wood we use is extremely valuable in its own special way. We reuse this wood, giving it a new life in homes, businesses and public spaces, where a naturally raw and rustic look is required.
Every single piece of furniture we make is unique and designed to incorporate the unusal details present in the antique wood. This ensures captivating, one of a kind pieces, every time.

Unique Tables with a story to tell
We process the wood as little as possible. Our minimalistic approach produces tables with a unique design and feel that you cannot find anywhere else. Every piece of wood has its own story and expresses it through its naturally developed appearance. With the help of great pieces of wood and our mindset to upcycle, we produce furniture that comes to life through our careful design choices. The historical traces are respected in our production and design process and are turned in to design features so that every single piece of furniture is unique.
We always try to accommodate our customers requests and thoughts on design and appearance. We encourage collaboration, allowing you to influence the type of planks we use in our furniture, with the end goal of creating unique tables. We take great pride in our work and of the production of quality products. A project is not finished before both parties are happy.



Gaia Plank Tables

Gaia plank table with a rustic surface

Gaia is our most popular table, hand made from reclaimed wood. This table is made to order in lengths op to 4,5m in whole planks, and is perfect for use as a dining table or meeting table.

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Idun Plank Tables

Idun plank table

Thors Idun is our square plank table and can be made in various sizes: 0,75 x 0,75m up to 1,25 x 1,25m with a column leg, or in larger dimensions, (1,5 x 1,5m and til 1,8 x 1,8m) with 4 legs, or "star leg".

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Mosaic Plank Tables

Mosaic plank table with a rustic surface at Sydenergi

Thors Mosaic is the longest plank table that we make. Our longest version to date is 14m in length. This table can be made in infinite lengths,  as the planks are placed one after the other, in a mosaic pattern. This table can be made in rustic or sanded finish.

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Uniq Plank Tables

Uniq plank table with a rustic surface in a private outdoor environment

Thors Uniq  is the most exclusive table that we make, telling the  unique story behind our furniture in the most humble and authentic way. We only have a small number of these special planks in the harbours that we collect, they are the outer layer of the bulwark,  and have an absolutely unique look and original bolts and marks from their time in the harbour and direct contact with the docking ferries.

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Are you Interested in one of our designs?

Thors Design create exclusive Danish design from reclaimed antique wood. If you are interested in one of our pieces or have a particular question, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We often customise our designs to suit individual requirements. We are ready to work together with you to find the perfect solution.