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Barbecues and Outdoor Kitchens

All Thors outdoor kitchens are customised to suit individual needs. They are made from recycled, reclaimed Azobé wood from decommissioned Danish wharves and galvanised steel.

They can be used outdoors all year round, and are easy to maintain. Our outdoor kitchens  are delivered assembled and ready for connection.



Savra outdoor kitchen - customized for you

Thors Savra can be made in many different sizes and combinations. The Savra model is usually 70cm deep and in lengths to suit the space it is intended for.

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Savra Island

Make a delicious meal at our Savra Island made from steel and recycled harbour wood

Thors Savra Island is an exclusive design that is ideal for a larger patio or terrace. There are different element possibilities, that can be chosen for this 1,5 x 1,5m outdoor kitchen.

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Elements for Savra outdoor kitchen collection

Every single outdoor kitchen is made to order. You decide the size of the kitchen and what elements it should contain. We only deliver kitchens with quality elements. The base that we design and build can be left out all year round, so that means that we demand a lot from the elements we put in them. See more about the many possibilities here.


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Are you looking for a custom made outdoor kitchen?

Thors Design create exclusive Danish design. If you are looking for a unique outdoor kitchen then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to work together with you to find the perfect solution.

A kitchen that naturally blends with nature


Today it is popular to stand out from the crowd, when it comes to unique furniture in your home, instead of buying the same furniture, that everyone has. This is a requirement that for many is increasingly difficult to match. A popular way to stand out from the crowd is to differentiate on design.  Thors Design focus on manufacturing  unique and exclusive pieces of a very high quality that is sustainable and built to last and enjoy . The fact that our pieces tell a story, is also important for us. By using recycled, reclaimed Azobé wood from decommissioned Danish wharves, we bring history and soul into everything we make. This is something that cannot be achieved in mass production.

The manufacturing of a Thors Design barbecue is therefore most often a project where we work closely together with our customers.  Our customers should be left with a unique product there is entirely theirs. By having an open dialogue in the manufacturing process, we ensure that the process ends with a happy customer. We see a great value in delivering unique solutions to our unique customers. 

Of course history and soul isn’t entirely enough. A barbecue should also be able to withstand a bit of everything. The combination of steel and rustic wood materials means, that our barbeques have no problems, to withstand the hard weather.

Barbecue your way to good memories

There’s a special coziness to barbequeing. It’s a social cooking culture, that comes from USA. Summer, lovely weather and spending time with friends and family for many means time to barbeque. Size doesn’t matter, it can be simple or complex,  we do what we can to find the perfect solution that matches your personal needs and the space you have.