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Create a natural gathering place in your garden, by designing your own outdoor kitchen with the elements you want.

Create an natural gathering place in your garden. Our outdoor kitchens are perfect for this, a place to enjoy the fresh air and changing seasons, with family and friends.Med grilltilbehør fra Thors Design kan du skabe et naturligt samlingspunkt omkring grillen med blandt andet en Dancook kuglegrill, grillkroge eller en udendørs stophane.

A unique design that is made to last.

Our outdoor kitchens are made to last. The reclaimed wood has a life expectancy of 50-100 years, and the galvanised surface is strong and robust. It is therefore imperative, that the elements that we use in our designs are also of the highest quality and designed to last.

Our outdoor kitchens are made to order every time, and we can therefore also design them to incorporate other elements that you suggest. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, then do get in touch. We have made many custom kitchens with a variety of elements, so many solutions are possible.


Dancook Kettle Barbecue

Dancook Kettle Barbecue for Savra outdoor kitchen collection

This is a high quality kettle barbecue that can ensure that you get the most out of the barbecue season. The barbecue slots in to the work top,  and can easily be removed again to empty after use.

Metal Grating Shelf

Metal Grating Shelf - elements for Savra outdoor kitchen collection by Thors Design

It is important to ensure that there is plenty of space on the work top of your outdoor kitchen, and this is where our grating shelves are ideal. They are flexible and can be moved to suit your individual requirements, and are easy to keep clean. They are made of galvanised steel.


Hooks - elements for Savra outdoor kitchens

Our hooks are made from stainless steel and fit snugly in to the slots on the side of the galvanised work tops. They are ideal for keeping tracks of your barbecue equipment and tea towels and cloths.

Contact Us

Thors Design create bespoke outdoor kitchens, designed according to your needs. Contact us for more information, so that we can work together to find the right solution for you.

Vola Tap

Vola Tap for zink - Savra outdoor kitchen

As standard, all our kitchens with a sink element are supplied with a tap for cold water. Should you also wish to connect warm water to the outdoor kitchen, then we can equip your personal kitchen with a Vola tap. This allows the possibility to have both cold and warm water. This is made from stainless steel and can therefore be left on the kitchen all year round.

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This sink is made from galvanised steel and has no problems with being outdoors all year round. It is 50cm in diameter.

Gas Burner

Gas Burner

This gas burner is made from stainless steel and comes complete with a lid . There is a brass burner that ensures an adjustable flame and the burner can be lit with an electronic ingnition button. 

Beefeater Proline Gas burner

Beefeater proline Gas burner - buy at Thors Design

Proline gas burner from Beefeater with a flat lid, made from stainless steel. The gas burner comes with an ignition button from where you can adjust the flame. 

Beefeater Proline Barbeque with a high lid

Beefeater Proline Barbeque with a high lid

The Beefeater Proline Barbeque with a high lid is made from stainless steel. Because of the high lid the barbeque is suitable for cooking a roast which needs more space.

Beefeater Proline barbeque with a flat lid

Beefeater Proline barbeque with a flat lid - buy at Thors Design

Proline barbeque with a flat lid from Beefeater in stainless steel. Cook all the dishes you like on this element for our Savra outdoor kitchen.