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Thors Design are known for unique design solutions whether it be furniture or interior decoration. Our designs are ideal for many uses, from privat homes to public spaces. Every piece is hand-made to order.

All our products are made from reclaimed wood from decommissioned Danish harbours. At the moment, we are working with wood from Knudshoved harbour, that was decommissioned when The Great Belt Bridge was built.  The wood we use is certified by FSC as 100% recycled and verified by COWI to contain only its own natural oils.

Rustic Panels

Rustic panels as wall decoration

Thors Decorative panels are the outer layer that we cut from the large wooden pillars that we collect in the decommissioned harbours. They are extremely rustic and show the wood’s history in great detail, with lots of patina and lovely features. Every one is unique.

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Mobile Dividing Walls

Mobile dividing wall made of recycled wood

Thors Mobile Room Dividers are made from rustic reclaimed wood and a galvanised steel frame. They can be made to order to suit the space you are working with and are ideal for creating smaller rooms in large spaces or that little bit of privacy with style.

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Thors Design create exclusive Danish design from reclaimed antique wood. If you are interested in one of our pieces or have a particular question, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to work together with you to find the perfect solution.