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Gaia Plank Tables

Gaia is our most popular table, hand made from reclaimed wood. This table is made to order in lengths op to 4,5m in whole planks.

Thors Gaia is perfect for use as a dining table or meeting table.

Every piece is unique and guaranteed to be an eye catching piece like no other. These tables are not only an exclusive Danish design, they are also sustainable and send an important message that a sustainable lifestyle is an important consideration.

Our materials
Thors Gaia is available in two different surface finishes: Sanded or rustic.

It is also possible to choose between 4 different leg types:
• 2 unika wooden legs (standard)
• 2 steel legs
• 2 open steel legs
• Mix legs, one wooden leg and 1 steel leg.
See more information about the different solutions here.

We can make Thors Gaia up to 4,5m in length, using wholee planks. If you are looking for a table that is longer, then check out Thors Mosaic.

Oval ends
Thors Gaia can also be made with oval ends. This is a useful option when adapting the table for wheelchair users.