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Uniq Plank Table

Uniq is our most exclusive table as the planks that we use are only available in a small quantity in every harbour that we buy. The planks are the outer edge of the harbour wall, that the ferries have brushed against, leaving a unique historic trace on the wood.



The outer part of the Azobé wood is transported to our stock. At the workshop the planks are sanded and cared for, and the beautiful planks are turned into your plank table. The planks that are used for a Thors Uniq table is the part of the wharf that has been in direct contact with the ferries.The structure in the surface is from spending half a century in the salt water, and getting brushed and beaten from the direct contact with ferries.

Thors Uniq is only available with a rustic surface. The Rustic plank table is full of authentic details, and even keeps the original nails and holes. We leave as many details and traces as possible in the plank table, that’s what makes Thors Uniq as special and exclusive as it is.


Rustic Materials

Thors Uniq can be made with 3, 4 or 5 planks. These planks are 8cm thcik and the plank table can be made in 0.75, 1 or 1,25 meter.

The wooden legs  for these tables are also sourced in the same harbour and as a general rule, there will be double unika wooden legs on a Thors Uniq table.

The maximum length for a Thor Uniq is just under 4m, which is the exact length the planks have in the harbour.


Uniq Plank Table

A Thors Uniq table is especially ideal when you are looking to invite the natural elements in to your home. This is our most authentic table, with the planks remaining exactly as they have looked in the harbour. These planks tell the story of the wood’s history through all the details that you can see. These details have been over half a century in the making and the table requires very little maintenance, it can simply be used and enjoyed.