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Thors Design create unique tables from reclaimed antique wood for private, and commercial customers. All our tables are bespoke and hand-made. We strongly believe in the concept of upcycling and use only reclaimed wood in our design and production. All the wood in our furniture can be traced back to the decommissioned Danish harbours where it has served as a harbour wall for over half a century. Naturally, we have had the wood tested for any contaminants and it has been verified to contain only natural oils. It is also certified FSC recycled 100%

Unique Tables with a story to tell

We process the wood as little as possible. Our minimalistic approach produces tables with a unique design and feel that you cannot find anywhere else. Every piece of wood has its own story and expresses it through its naturally developed appearance. With the help of great pieces of wood and our mindset to upcycle, we produce furniture that comes to life through our careful design choices. The historical traces are respected in our production and design process and are turned in to design features so that every single piece of furniture is unique.

We always try to accommodate our customers requests and thoughts on design and appearance. We encourage collaboration, allowing you to influence the type of planks we use in our furniture, with the end goal of creating unique tables. We take great pride in our work and of the production of quality products. A project is not finished before both parties are happy.

Our Tables
We produce a variety of tables – From glass tables, dining tables, café tables to sofa and lounge tables.
We made our first table back in 2005 and our product line has grown and grown since then. However, we welcome you to share any ideas that you might have – If you have an idea for a table design that you cannot find on our website, then we encourage you to make contact. We are always looking to improve and develop, with the customer in focus.

You can find a brief description of the different models below:

Unika Glass Tables

These tables are a perfect example of a successful combination of feminity and masculinity. The glass is 19mm thick and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The table base is made from reclaimed wood, direct from the old harbor, and typically some of the most interesting pieces with all the patina and historic traces imaginable.

Bar tables and Console Tables

These tables are ideal for use in areas designed for conversation and active participation. Perfect for konference areas, cafés,restaurants, reception areas, breakfast tables, inside and out, these pieces add charm and warmth wherever they are.

Outdoor Tables

All our tables and picnic sets are ideal for outdoor use. They become the favourite place to meet, be it on a terrace, in a garden or in the middle of nature. They require a minimum amount of maintenance .

Café Tables

All our tables and picnic sets are ideal for outdoor use. They become the favourite place to meet, be it on a terrace, in a garden or in the middle of nature. They require a minimum amount of maintenance .

Coffee and Lounge Tables

Are you looking for a rustic table for your lounge? We have a range of design solutions to suit every need, in various heights and with different bases. We can even make a table with wheels to ensure flexibility. Invite nature in to your home by adding a unque piece, full of charm and history.

Round Table

Create an ideal place for cosy get-togethers with one of our round tables. They almost guarantee genuine Danish “hygge”. These tables can be made with a colunm leg or 4 legs, depending on size.

Counters & Bars

In addition to our standard range of counters and bars, we also offer tailor made solutions. These pieces are generally always made with a rustic front, where the top can be made in either rustic or sanded finish. Perfect for shops, bars, reception area, and even in private homes.

All tables are available with a rustic or sanded finish.


Sif high tables

Console table from Thors Design

Our high tables and console tables are perfect in spaces to inspire active participation and spontaneous meetings.

As with all of our designs, a bar table can add soul and warmth to your home, conference area or entrance hall.


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Coffee- and lounge tables

Lounge table in a private home from Thors Design

Are you looking for a rustic additions to your lounge or seating area? We have several design solutions for smaller tables for these areas, and in varying heights and with different leg options. Every piece is made to order, in customer specified measurements, with as little or as much historic detail as you desire.

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Outdoor tables

Outdoor plank table

Thors furniture is perfect for outdoor use. The azobé Wood is extremely robust. Despite being partially submerged int the danish sea for over half a century, this wood has a life expectancy of between 50 and 100 years. Even outside.

These pieces require very little maintenance.and simly get more beautiful over time.They are perfect for any outdoor areas, whether it be a restaurant, private garden, corporate area  or public space.

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Café tables

Café table from Thors Design

Our café tables are suitable for use anywhere, whether it be a privat home or a hospitality area. These pieces can be adapted to suit individual needs.

It is possible to choose between different kinds of legs, from column legs in wood to self-adjusting metal legs.

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Are you Interested in one of our products or a customised design?

We produce a variety of customised tables – From glass tables, dining tables, café tables to sofa and lounge tables.Please get in touch if you would like more information, we would love to hear from you!

Thors Globe table

Thors Design Globe table

Our round tables are perfect for cosy moments and enjoyable get togethers.

This table is produced with a column leg giving it a stable base.

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Unika glass table

Unika glass table

Thors Unika Glass tables illustrate a fine balance between feminine and masculine features. The glass is 19mm thick and can be used indoors and out.

If you are looking for a table that offers the best from both worlds then take a look at our range.

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Bar counter / reception desk

Bar counter made of recycled harbour wood

If you are looking for a bar counter or reception desk for your interior, then these pieces can be a great choice.

There are a number og standard sizes and designs, but one of these pieces can always be adapted to suit individual needs.

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TV furniture

TV furniture made of recycled wood from decommissioned Danish wharves

If you are looking for a rustic but elegant solution to TV furniture, then one of our designs could be perfect. There are both solid TV benches and more elegant TV tables in our range, both designed to remain as genuine and rustic as the raw material we use to make them.

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