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Café Tables

Our café tables are suitable for use anywhere, whether it be a private home or a hospitality area, indoors and outdoors.

All our tables are made from reclaimed wood from decommissioned Danish harbours. They are made to order and are available in different sizes and surface finishes.  



Café tables are made with planks that are 6cm in thickness and are most often made in the following designs and sizes:

Square design:
2 Azobé planks of 30cm: 60 x 60cm
3 Azobé planks of 25cm: 75 x 75cm

Round design:
Ø60cm, or Ø70cm

Types of legs

There are a number of different base possibilities for these tables:

Column base:  Untreated or galvanised steel

Self adjusting base: Powder coated or stainless steelulverlakeret stål eller rustfri stål

Wooden base: column leg or Kvatro leg

See the different possibilities here

Our most popular heights are around is 72-78cm, (depending in the legs chosen) but these tables can also be made in a height of 105cm and other customer specified measurements.



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